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Chelyabinsk Testing Laboratory

Chelyabinsk Testing Laboratory of FSBI CNMVL

The Chelyabinsk Testing Laboratory is accredited by the national accreditation body (Rosaccreditation).

The Chelyabinsk Testing Laboratory (CHIL) has been accredited since 2011 for technical competence and independence by the Federal Service for Accreditation (Rosaccreditation) as a testing laboratory (center). In 2020, the Chelyabinsk Testing Laboratory confirmed its competence and expanded the scope of accreditation. The testing laboratory meets the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC17025-2019.


1.All types of laboratory research of food products and food raw materials of animal, vegetable origin, grain and products of its processing, feed and feed additives.
2.Determination of safety indicators for environmental objects.
3.Testing (research) of animal diseases for prophylactic purposes and for diagnosis.
4.Testing (research) of safety indicators for drinking water, from reservoirs, drains.
5.Testing (research) of the soil to determine fertility and safety indicators.
6.Testing (research) in the field of plant quarantine.
7.Testing (research) to determine the varietal and sowing qualities of seeds and planting material.
8.Drawing up plans for land reclamation.
9.Sampling  in the indicated directions.

The Chelyabinsk Testing Laboratory includes:

Department for work with customers and inquiries with research objects

Department of Virology and Molecular Research

Chemical and toxicological department

Department of Bacteriology, Food Microbiology and Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise

Diagnostic department

Department of plant quarantine, quality of grain and grain products

The departments employ qualified specialists with many years of practical work experience. All specialists have specialized education, improve their professional level.

In its work, the Chelyabinsk Testing Laboratory uses equipment, diagnostic kits and consumables from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers.


Ryzhova Olga Nikolaevna - Head of the Chelyabinsk Testing Laboratory

Education: Higher

Graduated from: Ural State Institute of Veterinary Medicine, 1998.

Specialization: veterinarian-bacteriologist

Qualification: Veterinarian

Graduated with honors from the South Ural State Agrarian University in 2018

Qualification: Master in the direction of preparation "Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise"

Contact phone: +7 (351) 726 16 50

Actual and postal address: 454025, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsky tract, 20

Tel. (fax): 8 (351) 726 16 50


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