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State Task

The Federal State Budgetary Institution "Central Scientific and Methodological Veterinary Laboratory" within the authority of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision, established by the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, carries out activities to implement the functions of the Rosselkhoznadzor through the provision of public services.

Legal regulation of relations arising in connection with the provision of public services is carried out in accordance with federal law of the Russian Federation dated July 27, 2010 No. 210-FL "On the Organization of State and Municipal Services," other federal laws  and  other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation adopted in accordance with them.

The provision of public services is carried out on the basis of the state task, formed by the Rosselkhoznadzor in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated June 26, 2015 No. 640 “On the Procedure for Forming the State Task for the Provision of Public Services (works) in Relation to Federal Government Agencies and Financial Support for the State Task ".остановлением Правительства Российской Федерации от 26 июня 2015 года № 640 

The state task is formed on the basis of the Order of Rosselkhoznadzor of July 28, 2014 No. 433 provided by federal state institutions subordinated to the Rosselkhoznadzor as the main types of activity approved by the Rosselkhoznadzor on November 8, 2010.

The state task establishes the indicators characterizing the quality and volume (content) of the public service, as well as the procedure for its provision (performance).

The state task is formed in accordance with the main activities of the Institution, as provided for by the Charter of FSBI CNMVL.

Financial support for the implementation of state tasks is carried out in the form of a subsidy.

FSBI CNMVL in the field of state tasks annually approved by the Rosselkhoznadzor, provides the following public services:

  • Laboratory researches of raw materials, products of animal origin, feed and biological material in order to ensure the quality and safety of food products;
  • Laboratory researches on the diagnosis and prevention of animal diseases aimed at ensuring the protection of the territory of the Russian Federation from being brought in from foreign countries and the spread of animal diseases;
  • Organization and carrying out interlaboratory comparison tests;
  • Laboratory researches in the field of epidemiological monitoring;
  • Conducting laboratory researches in the field of the Plan of state monitoring of food quality and safety;
  • Research in the field of quality and safety of grain, cereals, animal feed and components for their production, as well as by-products of grain processing;
  • Research on plant quarantine;
  • Research in the field of seed farming;
  • Research in the field of fertility of agricultural land and agricultural land in the composition of the land of settlements for the implementation of state land supervision;
  • Soil researches on the content of hazardous chemicals, pathogens, ecopathogens. Laboratory researches of soil pollutants;
  • Researches of grain, feed and feed additives for the determination of GMOs or the presence of components of GMOs in them in order to assess the potential risks of their use.

Control over the implementation of FSBI CNMVL state tasks is carried out by Rosselkhoznadzor.

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