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Chemical Toxicology Department

Head of the department: Ivanova Svetlana Anatolevna

Education: higher

Graduated: Altai State University, 2002.

Qualification: Chemist


The Chemical and Toxicology Department of the Altai Testing Laboratory provides a huge number of different studies of raw materials and finished food products, animal and vegetable feeds, water, soil, environmental objects in terms of quality and safety in order to confirm compliance of products with the requirements of legislative and regulatory and technical documentation, on various indicators, in particular: determination of the residual content of antibacterial, medicinal veterinary preparations arats, hormones, pesticides, toxic elements, mycotoxins, nitrates, nitrites, benz (a) pyrene, radioactive elements, preservatives, determination of fatty acid composition, sterols in milk and dairy products, organoleptic studies of food products, physicochemical parameters of products, water, feed, agrochemical indicators and soil safety indicators, etc.

The department has 14 employees who successfully participate in interlaboratory comparative tests organized by Russian providers: FSBI VGNKI, FSBI Grain Quality Assessment Center, etc., as well as in international interlaboratory comparative tests programs - FAPAS, confirming the accuracy and accuracy of the studies ( residual content of antibiotics, pesticides, mycotoxins, toxic elements, fatty acid composition, etc.

Thanks to the modern analytical and auxiliary equipment, the department provides reliable test results and ensures the confidentiality of the information received under the current legislation.

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