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Chemical Toxicology Department

Head of the department: Aleksey Aleksandrovich Zaikin

Education: higher

Graduated: 2006, Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University,

Qualification: chemistry teacher.

The Chemical and Toxicological Department of the Novosibirsk Testing Laboratory is a structural unit of FSBI CNMVL, which provides a huge amount of research aimed at assessing the safety and quality of finished food products, raw materials of plant and animal origin, feed, water, soil and other objects, according to the requirements of regulatory documents:

-A residual amount of pesticides.

-Polychlorinated biphenyls.

- Toxic elements.

-Benz (a) pyrene

- Mycotoxins.

- antibiotics.

- Macro and trace elements.

- Fatty acid composition of dairy products and vegetable oils.

- The content of vegetable fats in dairy products.

- Nitrate.

- Agrochemical indicators and soil fertility assessment.

For research, the department is equipped with modern equipment from leading manufacturers:

Gas chromatographs Shimadzu GC-2010 (made in Japan) and Agilent 7890A (made in the USA) with electron capture detectors and flame ionization detectors.

Chromato - mass spectrometers of low resolution Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010 (made in Japan) and Agilent 7890A-5975С (made in the USA)

High performance liquid chromatographs Agilent 1200 (manufactured in the USA) and Shimadzu LC-20 Prominence (made in Japan) with diode array and fluorescence detectors.

Bruker MicroTOF-QII high-performance liquid time-of-flight gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (Germany)

- atomic absorption spectrophotometers Varian AA240FS and AA240Z (manufactured in Australia), Agilent AA240FS (manufactured in the USA)

- Agilent Cary-60 Spectrophotometer (US)

- Fluorimeter Fluorat-02-5M (production Russia)

- Measuring converter Multitest IPL-112 (production Russia)

The department also has a large number of auxiliary equipment manufactured by Heidolph (Germany), Eppendorf (Germany), IKA (Germany), Thermo scientific (USA), Macherey-nagel (Germany), Binder (Germany), BioSan (Latvia), Milestone ( Italy), Millipore (USA)

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