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Environmental pollution is a global problem that is relevant for the Russian Federation. The main reasons for the penetration of xenobiotics into agricultural products are industrial pollution, the chemicalization of agriculture, the massive and uncontrolled use of mineral fertilizers, pesticides, and medicines for animals.

Industrial pollution is important because of the rapid development of production and transport. In 2011, the Russian Federation in terms of production growth ranked fifth in the world.

Of particular concern are growth stimulants (natural and synthetic steroids, stilbenes and their derivatives, thyreostatics, resorcilic acid lactones, including zeranol; beta agonists), which are prohibited or not permitted (beta agonists) for use in Russia and the EU.

Another source of product contamination is veterinary medicinal products used in animal husbandry. In the veterinary practice of the Russian Federation for the treatment of animals are widely used antibacterial agents, anthelmintic, coccidiostatics, pyrethroids.

Pollution by toxic elements (mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic) is still relevant, due to the active development of the transport network, environmental pollution, the use of paints, technical devices and fuel.

Nitrate-nitrite contamination is important due to unbalanced use of fertilizers. Now the high content of these residues is increasingly found in vegetables, feed and, as a result of poisoning, in the biomaterial from animals.

Mycotoxins. In Russia, natural conditions often contribute to the accumulation and increased content of mycotoxins in feed and food. Especially important is the contamination of food grain and feed with mycotoxins of the Fusarium fungi. The most unfavorable for the content of mycotoxins feed in the southern regions and Siberia.

The practice of international trade and analysis of the results of the control of live animals imported into the Russian Federation and the control of the safety of imported food shows that there are cases of importation into Russia of sick animals and products contaminated with various xenobiotics, toxicants and microorganisms. In Germany, scandals about E. сoli and dioxins were observed. Therefore, it is constantly necessary to assess the risks of goods entering Russia to protect our customers.

If toxic substances or pathogenic microorganisms are detected in products, enterprises that produce poor quality products will take administrative measures. Also measures are being developed to prevent violations of the veterinary and sanitary requirements of the products being produced and sold.

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