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Inspection body


The inspection body carries out its activities on the basis of Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of May 30, 2014 No. 326 "On approval of accreditation criteria, a list of documents confirming compliance of an applicant, an accredited person with accreditation criteria, and a list of documents in the field of standardization, compliance with which the applicants, accredited persons ensure their compliance with the accreditation criteria ", Regulations on the inspection body, Quality guidelines for the inspection body, the Charter of the institution, in accordance with the Accre itatsii by type of work.

The Inspection Authority has developed and is implementing a Quality Policy based on the requirements of international standards GOST R ISO / IEC 17020-2012 “Conformity assessment. Requirements for the work of various types of inspection bodies ”, Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of May 30, 2014 No. 326“ On approval of accreditation criteria, a list of documents confirming compliance of an applicant, an accredited person with accreditation criteria, and a list of documents in the field of standardization, compliance with which are required by applicants accredited individuals shall ensure that they meet the criteria for accreditation. "

The inspection body of the FSBI CNMVL is accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service (accreditation certificate No. RA.RU.710192, the date of entering information about the accredited person in the register is January 23, 2017).

In accordance with the scope of accreditation, the inspection body offers a conformity assessment (examination) to the requirements of technical regulations, sanitary rules, hygiene standards, federal laws and other regulatory legal acts of the following objects of examination, inspection:

types of expert evaluations carried out by the Inspection Authority of FSBI CNMVL (doc)

Official name

full - inspection body of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Central Scientific and Methodological Veterinary Laboratory”;

abbreviated - inspection body of FSBI CNMVL

The legal address of the inspection body of FSBI CNMVL:  111622, RUSSIA, Moscow, ul. Orangereynaya. d.23 (Access from Bolshaya Kosinskaya street)

The address of the inspection body of the Federal State Budgetary Institution CNMVL: 302040, RUSSIA, Oryol Oblast, Orel, ul. Pozharnaya, d.72.

Phone / Fax: +7 (4862) 78-48-19, +7 962 4754819

Phone / Fax: +7 (4862) 40-21-74



Working hours:

Monday-Thursday: from 09:00 to 18:00

Friday: 09:00 to 16:45

Lunch: 13:00 to 13:45



The organizational structure of the inspection body  of FSBI CNMVL

The inspection body consists of:


Job Title

Full Name of the employee

Contact Information

Head of Inspection Authority with expert functions

Gribkova Anna Nikolaevna

 8 (4862) 78-48-19

8 962-475-48-19

Technical manager

Bondarenko Elena Vladimirovna


Quality Manager with expert functions

Morozova Tatyana Vladimirovna



Stepanova Lidia Pavlovna



Kirdyashkina Marina Alexandrovna



Tishchenko Konstantin Sergeevich



Detkova Julia Viktorovna



Leizerova Irina Igorevna

 Inspection Statement (docx)

Instruction on Inspection Activities (docx)

Inspection Steps

Documentary examination (work with the applicant/guarantor):

consideration of applications/instructions;

analysis of applications/instructions;

registration of applications / instructions;

study of the content of the submitted documents;

informing on the inspection method;

selection of relevant regulatory documents for conformity assessment;

inspection planning;

coordination of the requirements of the applicant/guarantor.



study of the content of documents submitted by the applicant/guarantor;

using current sources of information (scientific literature, legislative, regulatory and methodological documents; documents submitted by the applicant/ uarantor) information is collected.


Analysis of the data obtained, filling out tables and other forms.


Decision-making on conformity assessment:

reporting inspection results;


Transfer to the applicant/guarantor of the inspection results.

The duration of the inspection work is determined depending on the type and volume of research of a particular type of product, documentation, type of activity, work, service and may not exceed two months.


The procedure for the consideration of complaints and appeals to the Inspection Authority

The inspection body is obliged to take all decisions impartially, that's why the Inspection Authority has developed and implemented measures to prevent (resolve) conflicts of interest. The identification and minimization of the threat to impartiality is ensured by the established procedure for the consideration of complaints and appeals from citizens (organizations) regulating the process of receiving, evaluating, considering and making decisions on complaints and appeals. The place of filing a complaint or appeal relating to the activities of the Inspection Authority is the reception room of the Oryol branch of the FSBI CNMVL. A complaint or appeal can be made in writing in any form and accepted on paper or by e-mail. At any stage of the management of a complaint or appeal, the applicant / guarantor has the right to receive information on the results of the work being done on the complaint, appeal orally, or (if desired) in the form of an official letter. To do this, you must contact the reception office of the branch of the institution in writing or by e-mail with a request to provide information on the course of consideration of the complaint, appeal. In the appeal, you must specify the method of transmission of information (by phone, by mail, by e-mail). The term for preparing an answer to the claimant / guarantor for a complaint, an appeal does not exceed 30 days from the moment the application is registered. Rules for ensuring the confidentiality of information The inspection body assumes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of all information received from customers / guarantors in the process of providing services and constituting a commercial secret. The inspection body undertakes to inform the customer / guarantor in advance about the information that he intends to make public (at the request of the law). Information about the customer / guarantor that is not received from the customer / guarantor (for example, from the complainant, the regulatory authorities) is considered by the Inspection Authority to be confidential.

The list of documents used when the inspection body performs conformity assessment works (docx)

Estimated cost for the inspection body to perform conformity assessment activities

The cost of work is determined taking into account the complexity, volume and other factors when performing work on conformity assessment (inspection).

Cost of work of the Inspection Body

Dear applicants/guarantors!

Please note that the timing of the various types of expert assessments to a certain extent depends on you, given that the start of work is carried out only upon the signing of an inspection services and prepayment agreement.

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