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Oryol Testing Laboratory

Oryol Testing Laboratory (OIL) is a modern multi-field laboratory equipped with modern high-tech testing and measuring equipment of domestic and foreign production from leading global manufacturers.

Laboratory staff constantly improve their professional level in all areas of activity in leading national and international centers.

The testing laboratory is accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service (Rosaccreditation) for compliance with GOST ISO / IEC 17025 for testing food products and raw materials, animal and vegetable feed, feed additives, natural and waste water, soils, fertilizers, grain crops and processed products grain, timber research, plant quarantine and seed quality research, animal diagnostics research.

The laboratory is licensed by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare to conduct research on the diagnosis of infectious and invasive diseases, infectious diseases pathogens and work with microorganisms of 2-4 pathogenicity groups, 3-4 pathogenicity groups, and storage of museum strains .

The Oryol testing laboratory operates in the territory of the Oryol and Kursk regions at five addresses:

- 302040, Orel, st. Pozharnaya, 72, contact phone 8 (4862) 42-38-06, 42-38-08;

  -302016, Orel, st. Karachevskoe Highway, 69, contact phone 8 (4862) 70-18-25;

- 303850, Oryol region, Livny, st. Karl Marx, d.117, contact phone 8 (48677) 2-10-15;

- 305047, Kursk, st. Engels, 140, contact phone 8 (4712) -32-43-64; 8 (4712) -32-59-51.

- 307906, Kursk region, Belovo district, with. Belitsa, st. Sovetskaya, 34, contact phone 8 (47149) 3-94-66.

The Oryol Testing Laboratory (OIL) includes 13 departments.

OIL structure in the Oryol region:

1. Chemical-toxicological department.

2. Department of quality of grain and its products.

3. Department of food microbiology and veterinary-sanitary examination.

4. Department of Virology.

5. Department of Molecular Studies.

6. Department of bacteriology.

7. Department of serology and leptospirosis.

8. Department of plant quarantine and seed quality.

9.  Department account management  and handling of research objects  in the field of plant quarantine.

10. Department for work with the customer and handling of research objects.

OIL structure in the Kursk region:

11. Chemical-toxicological department.

12. Department of plant quarantine and seed quality.

13. Department for work with the customer and handling of research objects.

            The laboratory is accredited in the national accreditation system Rosaccreditation, has the necessary licenses for laboratory and diagnostic studies:

Certificate of Accreditation RA. RU.21PS24
Annex to the Certificate of Accreditation of RA. RU.21PS24
License L.001533.04.06 of 04/11/2006.
Accreditation area of ​​the testing laboratory
Addition to the scope of accreditation
Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion

Head of Oryol Testing Laboratory

Legotskaya Svetlana Vyacheslavovna

Education: higher

Graduated from: Moscow Technological Institute of Food Industry, 1988.

Qualification: Process Engineer

Actual and postal address: 302040, Orel, ul.Pozharnaya, d.72

tel. (fax): 8 (4862) 42-38-06, 8 (4862) 42-38-08


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