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Department of Biochemistry and Radiology

-conducting chemical-toxicological, physico-chemical studies of products of plant and animal origin;

-conducting chemical-toxicological, biochemical studies of animal and vegetable feed;

-conducting biochemical studies of biomaterials from productive and unproductive animals to determine compliance with physiological norms;

-conducting radiological studies of products of animal and vegetable origin, environmental objects;

- internships for employees of veterinary laboratories on the topic “Key indicators of the quality and safety of animal and vegetable feed. Methods for their determination. "

The department is equipped with modern equipment that allows you to quickly and accurately perform sample preparation, on which obtaining reliable test results depends.

For testing, the department is equipped with modern equipment, including the VELP automatic nitrogen determination system.

The department of biochemistry and mycology employs highly qualified specialists who have repeatedly proved their competence, receiving good and satisfactory marks in interlaboratory and international comparison trials.


Head of the department: Mazanik Albina Nikolaevna

Education: higher

Graduated: 2009, Novosibirsk State Agrarian University

Qualification: Veterinarian

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