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Department of Quality of Grain and its Products.



Head of Department: Kuznetsova Larisa Vladislavovna

Date of birth: 19/01/1974

Education: higher . Graduated from the Moscow State Technological Academy with a degree in grain storage and processing technology.

Qualification by education: engineer

Nizhny Novgorod State Agricultural Academy, the right to conduct professional activities in the field of analytical objects

Work experience in determining the quality of grain for over 20 years.

Specialists: The department employs experienced, qualified specialists with experience in this field of activity from 2 to 20 years. The department staff have a higher education degree, regularly improve their skills in courses and seminars on topical issues of laboratory activities. Successfully participate in interlaboratory comparison tests, including international

The main activities of the department are: determining the quality of grain and its products during state supervision, the procurement of grain and its products for state needs, arbitration disputes, at the request of legal entities and individuals for production control, to confirm the quality and safety of product certification .

The department conducts more than 30 items of research of cereals, legumes, oilseeds, animal feed and components for their production, all types of cereals and flour within the framework of national and international accreditation. Tests are conducted on modern domestic and imported equipment.

The list of tests:

Organoleptic characteristics (color, smell, taste, appearance),

- infestation and pest infestation of grain stocks;

- moisture and dry matter content;

- content and fractional composition of weed and grain impurities;

- the content of harmful and specially studied impurities;

- the mass fraction of raw gluten and the quality of gluten in flour and wheat;

- mass fraction of protein (in grain crops), nitrogen and crude protein (in compound feeds, compound feed raw materials and other products) on high-precision Italian equipment using the main titrimetric method (according to Kjeldahl);

- mass fraction of raw fat by weight of extracted raw fat, oil content (in oilseeds, feed mills, flour, cereals, etc.) - the main method (on the FOSS device);

- mass fraction of total ash, insoluble ash in hydrochloric acid, in food products of grain origin and products of the feed mill industry;

- mass fraction of crude fiber in the grain feed and feed industry products

- total energy nutrition;

- the number of falling in the grain of rye, wheat and flour from them;

- white flour on the device R3-BPL-C;

- acidity of grain, flour, cereals, mixed fodder;

- viability and germination ability in brewing barley;

- trial laboratory baking of bread in order to detect infection by the causative agent of “potato disease” and much more.

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