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Department of Quality of Grain and its Products.


Head of Department: Bordadyn Svetlana Petrovna


Date of birth: 23.10.1965


EducationHigher vocational. In 1989 she graduated from the Moscow Technological Institute of the Food Industry with a degree in Storage and Grain Processing Technology.

Qualification by education: Technological engineer


Specialists: The department employs experienced highly qualified specialists in the amount of 5 people who have a higher professional education and regularly undergo refresher courses in research institutes and academies and laboratories in Russia. The competence of the specialists of the department is annually confirmed during the interlaboratory comparative tests and intra laboratory testing. Specialists themselves conduct training on the basis of the training center of the FSBI "CNMVL".


The main activities of the department:

Specialists of the department carry out an assessment of the quality of grain and its products, as well as fruits and vegetables, bread and bakery products. By organoleptic characteristics:

- appearance

- Colour

- smell

- taste

- cooking up of cereals

 physical and technical:

- humidity

- contamination and pest contamination

- harmful and specially taken into account admixture

- nature

- weed, grain and oil impurity

- the quantity and quality of gluten

- size, fine grain

- germination capacity and viability

- number of fall

- typical composition

- cut glassiness

- grains damaged by the bug

- filminess

- core content and benign core

physical and chemical:

- content of protein, crude protein according to Kjeldahl

- Soksklet fat

- acid number of oil (fat)

- raw ash, ash, insoluble in hydrochloric acid ash

- crude cellulose

- acidity / alkalinity

- sugar content in sugar beet roots

- calcium and phosor


- pesticides

- toxic elements

- mycotoxins

- radionuclides

- without (a) pyrene

with the issuance of test reports in the framework of the state assignment and the provision of paid services.

     They are working in the field of confirming the quality and safety of grain and its products with the issuance of a quality certificate.

      For laboratory research, modern laboratory instruments and equipment of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers are used.

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