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Department of Plant Quarantine, Quality Assessment of Grain and Seed Material SIL

Deputy Head of the Laboratory - Head of the Department - Krasnov Dmitry Gennadyevich

Education: Higher vocational. Graduated from the Samara State University.

Specialty: Biologist. Qualification: Biology

The department has a staff of 12 employees who work in the field of plant quarantine with a higher specialized education. Specialists are regularly trained in general and individual advanced training courses at the All-Russian Center for Plant Quarantine. And 3 employees engaged in assessing the quality of grain and its products, as well as seed. Employees successfully participate in interlaboratory comparison tests for grain, products of its processing and sowing qualities of seeds, as well as in the field of plant quarantine.

The main activities of the department:

- sampling and laboratory research of samples  of regulated products / quarantine facilities in order to establish their quarantine phytosanitary condition;

- sampling and determination of the quality of grain and its products, seeds, in case of domestic outlets and for export, state supervision, purchases of grain and its products for state needs, arbitration disputes, at the request of businesses and individuals for production control.

The department is equipped with modern optical devices and other high-tech equipment of leading world manufacturers.


The examination is carried out in accordance with the diagnostic protocols of the European and Mediterranean Organization for Quarantine and Plant Protection (EPPO) and methods of the All-Russian Plant Quarantine Center (FSI VNIIKR ”).

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