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Department of Microbiological and Molecular Research

Head of the department: Klykova Elena Karlovna

Education: higher

Graduated from: Kemerovo Technological Institute of Food Industry, specializing in Veterinary Sanitation - 1991.

Qualification: veterinarian

The main activities of the department:

 1. Research on microbiological safety indicators of raw materials and food products:

- meat and meat products; poultry, eggs and their processed products,

- milk and dairy products,

- fish, non-fish fishing objects and products produced from them,

- grain (seeds), flour and cereals and bakery products,

- sugar and confectionery,

- fruit and vegetable products,

- oilseeds and fatty products,

- beverages,

- biologically active food additives,

- canned foods

- the main raw materials and components used in the manufacture of food products,

- beekeeping products,

- other products.

2. Microbiological research of water

3. Bacteriological studies of animal and vegetable feed.

4. The study of feed toxicity.

5. Sanitary and mycological studies of objects.

6. Sanitary and bacteriological studies of environmental objects.

7. Studies on parasitological safety indicators of meat, fish, crustaceans and their processed products. Examination of muscle tissue of wild and commercial animals for the presence of trichinella.

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