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Department for work with customers and handling of objects of research CHIL

Head of Department: Vyacheslav A. Bolotov

Education: higher, FGOUVPO "Ural State Academy of Veterinary Medicine"

Qualification: Veterinarian

Professional retraining: Private educational institution  "Academy of vocational training"

Qualification: Quality Specialist of Testing Laboratory

The department for work with the customer and handling the objects of research is a structural unit of the Chelyabinsk Testing Laboratory (CHIL) carries out:

1. Highly qualified customer service. Creates and maintains a business relationship between the institution and the customer.

2. Acceptance, registration and timely transfer of samples (samples) and materials to the ChIL departments, decontamination of waste materials for subsequent disposal in compliance with all safety measures provided for by legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

3. Entering information about samples into automated systems, accurate transfer of information on samples (samples) to test reports and timely delivery to the customer.

4. Ensuring stable conditions for the functioning and development of the quality management system (hereinafter QMS), implementation of the quality policy.

5. Creation of conditions for professional growth of department employees.

Main functions:

1. Communication with the customer, preparation of the necessary documents, agreement on the timing and test methods.

2. Reception, registration and encryption of samples (samples).

3. Distribution of samples (samples) to the departments of CHIL.

4. Implementation of measures in the field of QMS. Compliance with documented QMS procedures, working and internal instructions, etc. Preparation of reports on the implementation of QMS work schedules.

5. Preparation of proposals for improving the work of the department, projects of internal documentation for agreement and approval.

6. Compliance with the principles of impartiality, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of information about the customer and samples (samples).

7. Maintenance, accounting, storage and archiving of records and documentation.

8. Disinfection of waste materials for subsequent disposal.

9. Compliance with the requirements of biological safety rules when working with PBA II-IV pathogenicity groups.

10. Compliance with the rules and instructions on labor protection and industrial sanitation, safety regulations, fire protection, industrial and labor discipline, internal labor regulations.

11. Formation of a register of risks of the department, participation in a meeting of a special group, monitoring of risks, conducting risk management measures in the department.

Business hours Monday-Thusday 8.30 – 17.15

Friday 8.30 – 16.00

Food sampling department : (351) 721 14 46

Pathological material : (351) 722 48 33 (add.123)


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