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Account Management and the Handling of Objects of Research Department LIL

Sklyueva Elena Viktorovna

Head of the Account Management and the Handling of Objects of Research Department 


Federal State Budgetary Establishment of Higher Professional Education "Penza State University"

 FSBEI of HE "Oryoll State Agrarian University"

"Modern methods of laboratory research of food products and feed in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents"

The right to conduct professional activities in the field of quality control and safety of raw materials, feed and food.

Address: 398037, Lipetsk, ul. Opytnaya, d. 1


Telephone: 8/4742 / 797-365, 8/4742 / 552-172


Working hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8.00 - 17.00


Friday: from 8.00 to 16.00

Saturday, Sunday - closed

Lunch: 12.00-12.48


Communicating with the Customer or his representative, providing explanatory assistance in the design of accompanying documents, agreeing on the timing and methods of research, according to the activities of the Lipetsk testing laboratory;

Providing the Customer or his representative, specialists of territorial departments of the Rosselkhoznadzor, veterinary services of the subjects of the Russian Federation at their request for advice or recommendations on technical issues, as well as assistance in interpreting the obtained test results.

Departure and implementation of sampling, according to the existing RD, by qualified specialists.

Registration of sampling acts (in case of sampling by specialists of the Institution), subject to the principles of confidentiality / encryption.

Selection, packaging, transportation and delivery of samples of food products, grain, products of its processing. Seeds and planting material, feed, regulated products, in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory documents of the Russian Federation, the CU and the EU.

Phytosanitary survey of warehouses, food and wood processing enterprises, nurseries, greenhouses in order to establish the quarantine phytosanitary status of quarantine facilities. These measures are recommended in order to timely detect the presence of pests (pests of stocks, quarantine objects), prevent their development and further spread.

Acceptance of samples of food products, grain, products of its processing, seeds and planting materials, feed, regulated products and environmental objects entering the laboratory.

Inspection and accounting of accompanying documentation for delivered samples.

Evaluation of the suitability of samples for research.

Registration, de-identification and encryption of samples  received for research in order to maintain the confidentiality of information received from the Customer.

Transfer samples to departments for research.

Control over the movement of samples inside the laboratory, control over the timing of the research.

Storage, accounting and disposal of control samples in compliance with the requirements of current regulatory documentation.

Providing the Customer with the most complete information on samples  in compliance with all the requirements of professional practice.

Registration and issuance of research results (test reports) in any way convenient for the Customer (fax, mail, e-mail).

Registration of conclusions on the establishment of quarantine phytosanitary status of quarantine products and conclusions on the establishment of quarantine phytosanitary status of quarantine facilities, registration of certificates of quarantine expertise, test reports (studies).

Compliance with the principles of impartiality, the preservation and confidentiality of information about the customer and samples (samples).

In order to ensure a high level of customer service, regular events are held to improve the work of the department, the functioning of the quality management system, according to the requirements for testing laboratories established by Russian and international standards

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