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Account management and handling of research objects department


Communication with the customer, execution of necessary documents, coordination of the timing and methods of research.

Receiving  of samples  of biological, pathological material, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, feed and environmental objects entering the laboratory.

Inspection and accounting of accompanying documentation for delivered samples.

Laboratory diagnostic tests are carried out on the basis of an application for testing (Application for testing food products, Application for the research of diagnostic material) and/or Sampling act.

Evaluation of the suitability of samples for research.

Registration and encryption of samples  received for research in order to respect the confidentiality of information received from the Customer.

Compliance with the principles of impartiality, the preservation and confidentiality of information about the customer and samples.

Transfer samples to departments for research.

Control over the movement of samples inside the laboratory, control over the timing of the research.

Storage, accounting and disposal of control samples in compliance with the requirements of current regulatory documentation.

Registration and issuance of research results (test reports, examination results of the examination).

Sending research results to the Customer (fax, mail, e-mail).

Providing advice to the Customer or its representative, specialists of the territorial departments of the Rosselkhoznadzor, veterinary services of the subjects of the Russian Federation and specialists of veterinary laboratories of Russia within the competence of the department.

Providing advice on sampling (food, feed, feed additives, diagnostic material).

Departure and sampling, according to current regulations, qualified veterinary experts in accordance with sampling act.

Selection, packaging, transportation and delivery of samples of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products of animal origin and feed, in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory documents of the Russian Federation, CU and EU.

Registration of sampling acts (in case of sampling by specialists of the Institution), subject to the principles of confidentiality / encryption.

Conduct and participate in seminars and training courses for specialists of veterinary institutions in accordance with the approved program within the competence of the department.

Department phone: 8 (495) 700 51 32.

Head of the department - Gubanova Irina Ivanovna

Education: higher

Graduated: Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy, 1999.

Qualification: Veterinarian-Zoo Engineer

Specialty: Veterinary

Department phone: 8 (495) 700 51 32.


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