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Department of Virology

Head of department: Sukhova Natalia Mikhailovna

Date of birth: 17.05.1981

Educationhigher, Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education «Kursk State Agricultural Academy named after Professor I.I. Ivanov ", graduation year - 2007


Qualification by education: Veterinary


Specialists: The department employs experienced, highly qualified specialists in the amount of 6 people who have the appropriate education and regularly undergo refresher courses in research institutes, laboratories in Russia and EU countries. The competence of specialists of the department is annually confirmed during interlaboratory comparative tests.

The main activities of the department

In their work, the specialists of the department use light and luminescent microscopy, virological, biological, hematological methods of research, as well as serological (ELISA, hemagglutination-inhibition reaction,

indirect hemagglutination test, etc.).

The department conducts research on especially dangerous infections: rabies, African swine fever, classical swine fever, bluetongue, Aujeszky's disease, bird influenza. At the same time, modern diagnostic methods (ELISA, fluorescence immunoassay) are used, which allow to diagnose the diagnosis within a few hours.

- methods of rtga, rnga, ELISA conducts diagnostics for viral respiratory and intestinal infections of different species of animals and birds.

- monitors the intensity of post-vaccination immunity after prophylactic vaccination.

- annually conducts monitoring studies on avian influenza, African swine fever.

      For laboratory and diagnostic research, modern laboratory equipment, instruments, reagents and diagnostic kits from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers are used.


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