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Department of Virology

Head of Department - Mikhailova Vera Vladimirovna

Higher vocational education

Graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine

and biotechnology them. S.K. Scriabin in 1996

Work experience in the Central Directorate of Informal Muscle Trauma 20 years.

State awards and honorary titles:

- Gratitude of the Ministry of Agriculture "For many years of diligent work

in the system of the agro-industrial complex and in connection with the professional holiday

- Happy Worker of Agriculture and Processing Industry ";

- Certificate of Merit of the Rosselkhoznadzor "For many years of diligent work

in the system of the agro-industrial complex of Russia and in connection with the celebration

Day of the worker of agriculture and a process industry ".


The Department of Virology is a structural subdivision of the Moscow Testing Laboratory of the Central Scientific and Methodological Veterinary Laboratory. The department has a license for the right to work with microorganisms of the II-IV pathogenicity groups and operates in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation "On Veterinary Medicine", veterinary and sanitary requirements, the Charter of the laboratory, GOST, regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.

       The department conducts laboratory studies on infectious diseases of all types of animals, birds, fish, including especially dangerous diseases common to animals and humans as part of the implementation of the state assignment plan, epizootological monitoring conducted in the territory of the Russian Federation and the provision of paid services.

      In their work, the specialists of the department use light and luminescent microscopy, virological, biological, hematological methods of research, as well as serological (ELISA, Рemagglutination-inhibition reaction, PH on cell culture,

Indirect hemagglutination test, etc.). Serological diagnostics can detect antibodies to pathogens of infectious diseases of animals and birds, as well as provide control of post-vaccination immunity.

      The department diagnoses viral diseases of animals and fish using the Specific Pathogen Free of chicken embryos and cell culture: isolation and identification of viruses.

      For laboratory and diagnostic research, modern laboratory equipment, instruments, reagents and diagnostic kits from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers are used.

       The department employs experienced highly qualified specialists who have the appropriate education and regularly undergo refresher courses in research institutes, laboratories in Russia and EU countries. The competence of specialists of the department is annually confirmed during interlaboratory comparative tests.

       Department of Virology:

- organizes interlaboratory comparative tests for interregional, regional and republican veterinary laboratories of the Russian Federation;

- conducts testing of new diagnostic kits and test systems, equipment, research methods;

- participates in the development of new regulatory documents (guidelines, GOST, instructions);

- organizes and conducts training courses, internships veterinarians laboratories;

- provides scientific, methodological and practical assistance to veterinary specialists of laboratories and livestock enterprises;

- assists in the preparation of graduate students and applicants of scientific centers of the Russian Federation.

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