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Sertification department


Head of Department- Head of the Certification Body of Products and Services of the Tula Branch of theFSBI CNMVL : Titova Elena Sergeevna

Contact number: 8 (4872) 30-45-78




Name of the certification body:        


Legal address

111622,Moscow, ul.Orangereynaya, d. 23

Adress of the place of economic activity

300045, Tula, ul. Nekrasova, d.1a




Head of the Certification Body of Products and Services

Titova Elena Sergeevna

Deputy Head the Certification Body of Products and Services

Ermakova Olga Vladimirovna

Deputy Head the Certification Body of Products and Services

Golovina Nina Fedorovna

Description of certification schemes 

Terms of complaints and appeals against decisions of the Certification Body of Products and Services

Documents used in the performance of work on conformity assessment and defining requirements for these works

Approximate cost of conformity assessment work performed by the certification body

Cost of work, as well as the methodology for calculating the cost of certification work, which includes the rules for determining the cost of sampling, the cost of research (testing) and measurement, the cost of analyzing the state of production (if done) and the cost of other costs of the certification body according to  the price list, calculated in accordance with the Resolution of the State Standard of the Russian Federation of August 23, 1999 No. 44 “On Approval of the Certification Rules“ Payment for Works on Certification of Products and Services ”with amendments and supplements of July 5, 2002, Federal Law of December 27, 2002 No. 184-ФЗ "On technical regulation". The marginal standards of labor intensity and the scope of work performed bythe Certification Body of Products and Services upon confirmation of conformity of specific products (services) are determined by the conformity assessment scheme

The list of testing laboratories (centers) with which  the Certification Body of Products and Services of the Tula branch of the fSBI CNMVL cooperates to conduct research (tests)

Rights and obligations of applicants related to the implementation of work on conformity assessment

Information on employees of the certification body involved in the performance of work on conformity assessment

Область аккредитации представлена разделами

The certification body of products and services of the Tula branch of the FSBI CNMVL is accredited to carry out work on confirming compliance with the requirements of:

- TR CU  021/2011 «On Food Safety»;

- TR CU 033/2013 “On the Safety of Milk and Dairy Products”;

- TR CU 034/2013 "On the Safety of Meat and Meat Products";

- TR CU 023/2011 “Technical Regulations for Fruit and Vegetable Juice Products”;

- TR CU 024/2011 "Technical Regulations for Oil and Fat Products";

- TR EEU 040/2016 "On the Safety of Fish and Fish Products" ;

- TR CU 015/2011 «Оn Grain Safety»;

- TR CU 022/2011 «Food Products Labeling»;

- TR CU 029/2012 «Safety Requirements for Food Additives, Flavorings and Technological Aids».

 Please note that the following rules apply in the the Certification Body of Products and Services of the Tula branch of FSBI CNMVL:

  • The Certification Body of Products and Services cannot be a designer, manufacturer, installer, seller, operator or acquirer, including a consumer of products (works, services) subject to certification in accordance with the scope of accreditation of the certification body; ;
  • The Certification Body of Products and Services may not offer or provide consulting services to applicants for certification work;
  • The Certification Body of Products and Services  experts do not engage in other activities, except to confirm the conformity of products and services.

In our work, we adhere to the “One Stop Principle”: in the Certification Body for Products and Services of the Tula Branch of the FSBI CNMVL, the customer can receive a certificate of conformity, a test report, register a declaration of conformity, conduct production control of certified products.

  We want you for  the minimum time received the maximum benefit!

 Application forms:

Application for product certification in the GOST R Certification System

Application for certification of services in the GOST R Certification System

Application for registration of the declaration of product conformity with the requirements of technical regulations

Application for registration of the declaration of  products conformity 

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