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The system of voluntary certification of seeds of agricultural plants "SemStandart"

The system of voluntary certification of seeds of agricultural plants "SemStandard" was created by the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Federal Center for Assessing the Safety and Quality of Grain and its Processing Products" in accordance with the instructions of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance and is registered in a single register of voluntary certification systems by the Federal Agency for Technical regulation and metrology registration number ROSS RU.В820.04ЗPP1 dated August 9, 2011

In order to organize interaction on the issues of voluntary certification of seeds of agricultural plants and providing agricultural producers of the Russian Federation with high-quality seed material of agricultural crops and their protection from unscrupulous producers and sellers of seeds, September 26, 2011, the Agreement on Signing Grain Quality and the Federal State Institution Rosselkhoztsentr were signed mutual recognition of existing voluntary certification systems: Rosselkhoztsentr voluntary certification systems and Systems voluntary certification of seeds of agricultural plants "SemStandard".

Certification body of the SemStandard system of voluntary certification of seeds of agricultural plants FSBN CNMVL

Registration number of the certificate of the Russian Federation ССС 01 ОС 024

  FSBI CNMVL, 111622,  Moscow, ul.Orangereynaya, d. 23



The main studies in the field of determining the varietal and sowing qualities of seeds and planting material:

 The main methods used to determine the sowing qualities of seeds:

- determination of cleanliness and waste;

- determination of germination;

- determination of viability;

- determination of humidity;

- determination of the mass of 1000 seeds;

- determination of authenticity;

- determination of infection by diseases;

- determination of stock pest population;

- determination of the quality of seed potato tubers;

- determination of variety and purity by the method of electrophoresis of storage proteins;

- determination of latent infection of seed potato lots by viral infections by PCR;

- determination of the quality of onion sets and onion-selection;

- determination of seed germination of flower crops;

- determination of seed waste, uniformity in size, single seed, germination, seedlings and good quality, mass of 1000 seeds and mass of one sowing unit of sugar beet.

Certification Application

Test report

"SemStandard" Form

Certificate of Conformity for Seeds

Varietal Affiliation Certificate of Conformity

Certificate of Conformity for Potato Seeds

Certificate of conformity for planting material

Deed of approvalАкт апробации № 193

Deed of approval №195 RS

Deed of approval № 197

Deed of approval № 198

Deed of approval № 199

Deed of approval № 207

Lupinus deed of approval 

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