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Chemical-toxicological department SIL

Deputy Head of the Laboratory - Head of the Department - Ledovskikh Yulia Petrovna

Education: Higher vocational. Graduated from Samara State University.

Specialty: Biologist. Qualification: Biology

The staff of the department includes 15 employees with higher and secondary specialized  education. Specialists are regularly trained in general and individual advanced training courses, successfully pass interlaboratory comparative tests confirming the accuracy  of the conducted research .

The department conducts laboratory studies aimed at assessing the quality and safety of food products of animal and vegetable origin, feed, water, soil, mineral and organic fertilizers in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents:

- determination of the content of pesticides;

- toxic elements;

- mycotoxins;

- antibacterial substances, including antibiotics;

- the composition and nutritional value of the products is determined (the content of dry substances, fats, proteins, ash, fiber and sodium chloride);

- for the analysis of vegetable oils and fats of animal origin, a wide range of tests is proposed for the presence of fats of vegetable origin, acid value, peroxide value, saponification number, moisture, amount of insoluble impurities;

-determined in animal and vegetable feed and feed additives: water, protein, fat, ash, insoluble in hydrochloric acid, fiber, sodium chloride, as well as calcium and phosphorus, the quality of fats used in the production of feed is determined by determining in finished animal feeds of acid and peroxide numbers, etc .;

-determine agrochemical indicators and indicators of soil safety of land plots and soils;

- analysis of organic and mineral fertilizers.

Due to the equipment with modern analytical equipment, the department is able to provide a reliable test result in the framework of the current legislation, according to the scope of accreditation.

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