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Samara Testing Laboratory

The Samara Testing Laboratory (SIL) was accredited in 2015 for technical competence and independence by the Federal Accreditation Service (Rosaccreditation) as a testing laboratory (center). Accreditation certificate № ROSS RU.0001.516467.

In July 2018, the Samara Testing Laboratory confirmed competence and expanded the scope of accreditation (order No. PK1-1813 of 03.09.2018). Testing laboratory meets the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2009.


The testing laboratory (SIL) has 4 departments:

Account management  and handling of research objects department

Chemical-toxicological department

Department of plant quarantine, quality assessment of grain and seed material

Department of Microbiological and Molecular Studies

The staff of the Samara Testing Laboratory is 48 people. The departments include qualified specialists with many years of practical experience. All specialists have higher specialized education, improve their professional level.

The testing laboratory operates within the field of the approved Accreditation Scope and provides services for testing food products, food raw materials, animal and vegetable feed and feed additives, grain and its processed products, soil, drinking water, waste water, as well as testing plant quarantine, the definition of varietal and sowing qualities of seeds and planting material.

In its work, IL uses equipment and consumables from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Documents of the Samara Testing Laboratory:

Accreditation certificate RA.RU.516467

Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (III-IV pathogenicity group) No. 63.CH.07.000.M.001361.06.18

License L.001533.04.06 of 04/11/2006.
Scope of accreditation

Scope of accreditation (expansion)

Romadanova Elena Anatolyevna - Head of the Samara Testing Laboratory


Education: higher vocational

Graduated from the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Samara State Agricultural Academy"

Qualification: Agricultural scientist - technologist

Specialty: Technology of storage and processing of crop products.

The actual and postal address of the Samara Testing Laboratory:

446442, Samara region., Kinel, utv. Ust-Kinelsky, st. Transportnaya, d. 12B,

Tel.: 8 (84663) 4-60-65,



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