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Tula Testing Laboratory

The Tula Testing Laboratory (TIL), a modern multi-disciplinary laboratory equipped with the latest equipment and instruments from leading firms in the world, has a staff of highly qualified specialists.

Conducts research in the field of veterinary medicine, testing of food products and food raw materials, feed and feed additives,  soils, plant protection products and fertilizers.
Carries out work on the diagnosis of diseases of all types of animals, research of raw materials, food products, feed in terms of quality and safety.

The Tula Testing Laboratory was accredited in 2013 for technical competence and independence by the Federal Accreditation Service (Rosaccreditation) as a testing laboratory (center).

 There are 10 departments in the composition of the The Tula Testing Laboratory(TIL).

Structure of TIL:

1. Account management  and handling of research objects department;
2. Chemical-toxicological department;
3. Department of food microbiology and veterinary-sanitary examination;
4. Department of preparation of nutrient media;
5. Department of Virology and laboratory animals;
6. Department of serology and leptospirosis;
7. Department of Molecular Studies;
8. Department of bacteriology;
9. Department of Labor Safety;
10. Department of quality of grain and its products.

        The laboratory operates within the field of the approved ​​Accreditation Scope and provides testing services in the field of veterinary medicine, agrochemistry, grain quality and safety, animal feed and components for their production, as well as by-products of grain processing, protection, reproduction, use of wildlife objects classified as objects of hunting, aquatic biological resources and their habitat.

The  Tula Testing Laboratory was accredited in 2013 for technical competence and independence by the Federal Accreditation Service (Rosaccreditation) as a testing laboratory (center).

Accreditation certificate №ROSS RU.0001.517637
License L.001533.04.06 of 04/11/2006.
Accreditation area of ​​the testing laboratory
Appendix 1 to the scope of accreditation
Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of 10/20/2017 (I-II pathogenicity groups).
Certificate of authorization of the certification body №ROSS RU.B820.043P1
The sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of 12.09.2017.

Lyubov Nikolayevna Kireeva - Head of the Tula Testing Laboratory

Education: higher

Graduated from: Tula State Pedagogical University named after L.N. Tolstoy, 2012

Qualification: chemistry teacher

Professional retraining: Tula State University, Tula, 2015 Theme: "The program of professional retraining 300 hours in the specialty" Chemistry "

Actual and mailing address:

300045, Tula, Nekrasov, d.1-a,
tel. (fax): 8 (4872) 36-07-34, 8 (4872) 36-26-51

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