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Account Management and the Handling of Objects of Research Department OIL (Kursk)

Head of Department: Merzlikin Konstantin Alekseevich

Date of birth: December 4, 1975

Education: higher, Kursk State Agricultural Academy named after prof. I.I. Ivanova, "Technology of storage and processing of plant products"

Qualification: agronomist-technologist

ABC Diploma 0657377 from 03/25/1998


Address: 305023, Kursk, ul. Engels, 140


 Labour routine:

Monday - Thursday: 09.00 - 18.00

Friday: from 09.00 to 16.45

Saturday, Sunday - closed

Lunch: 13.00-13.45


Registration of conclusions on the establishment of quarantine phytosanitary status of quarantine products and test reports (studies).
Sampling for:
1) establish the quarantine phytosanitary condition of regulated products;

2) testing in the field of quality of seeds and planting material;

3) determination of varietal purity by approbation of crops of crops with the issuance of acts of approbation or registration of crops.

The organization of sampling (samples) includes the following steps:

execution of a service contract
receipt of the Customer’s application for establishing a quarantine phytosanitary condition of regulated products, regulated objects, applications for testing seeds and planting material
registration of application
discussion of the date, time and conditions of sampling (samples) from the parties declared by the customer;
carrying out sampling (samples) from the declared lot in the presence of the Customer or his representative and drawing up a sample collection report. The number and volume of samples are determined according to reference documents.
organization of delivery and acceptance of samples (samples) for further research / examination

Department functions:

1. communication with the Customer or his representative, providing, if necessary, advisory and explanatory assistance in the preparation of accompanying documents, coordination of the timing and methods of research;

2. departure and implementation of sampling, registration of acts of selection (according to the current regulatory documents) of quarantine products, seeds and planting materials by qualified specialists in compliance with the principles of confidentiality;

3. acceptance of samples (samples) of regulated products, seeds and planting materials arriving at the laboratory with an assessment of the suitability of samples (samples) for research;

4. registration and encryption of samples (samples) received for research in order to maintain the confidentiality of information received from the Customer with subsequent transfer to the departments for research;

5. control over the timing of research;

6. design and issue of research results (research protocols (expertise), conclusions on the establishment of quarantine phytosanitary condition of quarantine products) in any way convenient for the Customer (fax, mail, e-mail).

7. Compliance with the principles of impartiality, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of information about the customer and samples (samples).

 In order to ensure a high level of customer service, regular events are held to improve the work of the department, the functioning of the quality management system, in accordance with the requirements for testing laboratories established by Russian and international standards.



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