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Department of Serology and Leptospirosis

Head of Department: Pivina Tatyana Petrovna

Date of birth: 28.12.1976

Education: higher, graduated from the Oryol State Agricultural Academy in 1999.

Qualification by education: veterinarian


The department has 5 employees (head of department, deputy head of department, veterinarian, veterinary assistant, laboratory assistant). All specialists have extensive experience, regularly improve their professional level. The competence of specialists of the department is annually confirmed during interlaboratory comparative tests. Studies are conducted in accordance with the approved regulatory documentation: Standards, instructions, guidelines, guidelines and instructions.

          The department’s activity is to ensure timely and reliable serological diagnosis of infectious animal diseases and is aimed at ensuring a prosperous epizootic situation in Russia, preventing the occurrence, limiting the spread and eliminating infectious diseases, and also protecting public health from highly dangerous diseases common to humans and animals.

        Serological diagnosis of infectious diseases is the detection of specific antibodies in the serum of animals. The department conducts diagnostic serological studies of blood serum from various animal species using the methods of

rose bengal sample, agglutination assay, Bordet-Gengou test / prolonged complement fixation test , immunodiffusion reaction , diffuse precipitation reaction,microagglutination test, precipitation assay for bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases, including brucellosis, listeriosis, chlamydial infections, infectious epididymitis of rams, glanders , equine disease of horses (trypanosomosis), leptospirosis, infectious anemia of horses, etc., as well as microscopy of urine for leptospirosis.

In the department, 15 diagnostic strains of leptospira are used to diagnose leptospirosis.

       The department of serology and leptospirosis is engaged in laboratory studies as part of the state assignment program and monitoring studies on the detection of viral, bacterial animal diseases.

        The department is equipped with the necessary equipment, reagents, diagnostic kits, test systems that meet the requirements of modern laboratory diagnostics. Serological tests are more accessible and common methods of laboratory diagnosis. All laboratory tests are carried out competently, efficiently and in a timely manner.

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