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This disease is similar in its course to viral hepatitis, although it falls into the category of “slow killers”, that is, it affects all organs gradually. The main carriers of infection in nature are small rodents, but other animals can also transmit leptospirosis. Foci of infection at different times of the year are found almost everywhere, except for ever-cold places. The peculiarity of this microorganism is its love for aquatic habitats, which contributes to the infection of humans and animals. A person becomes infected through water while bathing or using it from natural sources, eating foods infected by infected animals, as well as during contact with environmental objects disseminated by sick animals. Absolutely everyone can get sick, but more often - teenagers and adults. Seasonality is characteristic of leptospirosis - the incidence is more prevalent mainly in the summer-autumn period. After the transferred infection, a stable immunity is formed, which does not prevent a person from catching another type of disease from another pathogen of leptospirosis, of which more than 20 types are known.

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