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Department for the examination of the quality of grain, products of its processing and seed production

Head of the department: Porshina Galina Stepanovna

Date of birth: September 24, 1967

Education: higher professional:

Graduated: FSEI HPE "Novosibirsk State Agrarian University", 2007

Qualification: Technologist of agricultural production.

Specialty: Technology of production and processing of agricultural products.

The department conducts research on physico-chemical and organoleptic indicators in the field of quality and safety of grain and products of its processing, determination of sowing qualities of seeds and planting material.

Studies to determine the conformity of the quality and safety of grain, cereals, animal feed and components for their production, as well as by-products of grain processing to the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation with the issuance of quality certificates.

Tests to confirm the conformity of the quality of grain pledged to the state reserve, with the issuance of a quality certificate.

Grain quality assessment of a new crop.

For laboratory research, modern laboratory instruments and equipment of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers are used. Experienced highly qualified specialists with higher professional education and regularly undergoing continuing education courses work in the department. The competence of specialists of the department is annually confirmed by conducting interlaboratory comparative tests and intralaboratory control.

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