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Department of Quality of Grain, its Products and Seeds LIL

Head of the Department: Nesmeyanova Elena Ivanovna

Education: Higher vocational. In 2014 she graduated from the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Professional Education "Moscow State University of Technology and Management named after K.G. Razumovsky".

Specialization: Technology of bread, pastry and pasta.

Qualifications: Engineer.

Professional retraining: FSBEI HPE "Nizhny Novgorod State Agricultural Academy" (FSBEI HPE NNSKA), 2015

Diploma on professional retraining PP-I number 784778 with the right to conduct professional activities in the field of analytical studies of biological objects of agriculture.

Specialists: The department employs experienced, qualified specialists with experience in this field from 10 to 25 years. Department staff regularly improve their skills at courses and seminars on topical issues of the laboratory. Successfully participate in interlaboratory comparison tests for grain, products of its processing and sowing qualities of seeds.

Based on the tests carried out, the specialists of the department will help determine for what purposes the harvested crop can be used, whether the grain belongs to a particular class, what kind of part-time job to use to bring the products to the requirements of regulatory documents, how to save the crop with the least losses and implement at the most favorable conditions .

      The main activities of the department: sampling and determination of the quality of grain, its products, seeds, food products (bakery, confectionery, etc), sugar and sugar beet during internal displacement, state supervision, purchases of grain and its products for state needs, arbitration disputes, on applications from legal entities and individuals for the purposes of production control, to confirm the quality and safety of product certification.

   For testing use modern test methods and use of modern domestic and imported high-precision equipment.

   The department conducts more than 20 items of research of cereals, legumes, oilseeds, animal feed and components for their production, all types of cereals and flour, food products, sugar and sugar beet within the framework of national accreditation.

    The list of conducted tests of grain and its products, food products, sugar and sugar beet:

- organoleptic characteristics (color, smell, taste, appearance, shape, surface, structure);

- contamination and contamination by pests of grain stocks;

- moisture and dry matter content;

- content and fractional composition of weed and grain (oil) impurities;

- the content of harmful and specially studied impurities;

- content of metal-magnetic impurities;

- the mass fraction of raw gluten and the quality of gluten in flour and wheat;

- the number of falling in the grain of rye, wheat and flour from them;

- nature (bulk density of grain) in grain crops;

- the ability to germinate in brewing barley;

- viability in cereals and legumes;

- trial laboratory baking of bread in order to detect infection by the causative agent of “potato disease” and much more;

- porosity of bakery products.

   In sugar beet:

- content of green mass;

- the content of wilted root crops;

- the maintenance of root crops with strong mechanical damage;

- sugar content.

    In sugar:

 - organoleptic indicators (appearance, taste, color, smell, solution purity, flowability);

 - determination of the mass fraction of sucrose;

- mass fraction of ferro-impurities.

Basic research in the field of determining the varietal and sowing qualities of seeds of agricultural plants and planting material:

- determination of cleanliness and waste;

- determination of germination;

- determination of viability;

- determination of humidity;

- determination of the mass of 1000 seeds;

- determination of authenticity;

- determination of the population of pest stocks;

- determination of seed waste, evenness in size, single-seed, germination, single-growth and high quality, mass of 1000 seeds and mass of one sowing unit of sugar beet.

The work of the department is based on meeting the requirements for testing laboratories established by Russian and international standards. When conducting all types of research and measurements in the laboratory, only methods are used in accordance with GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2009, which allows to ensure high quality tests.

          Due to advanced technologies, teamwork and competence of specialists, we are completely confident in the quality of our work and the accuracy of the results.

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