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Labor Safety Department


Head of Department: Nikitina Irina Yuryevna

Date of birth: 20/10/1972

Education: higher, Dushanbe State Pedagogical University

Qualification by education: teacher of biology, chemistry


The main activities: the department of labor safety control of the Tula testing laboratory is a structural unit of the FSBI CNMVL. The main task of the department is to conduct research (measurements) of environmental factors, the production environment and the labor process.

The department has 5 specialists with higher education and the necessary experience in the main activities of the department. All employees are included in the roster of experts for a special assessment of the working conditions of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation. Specialists continuously improve their qualification level by participating in national and intra-laboratory seminars.


The department is equipped with modern equipment that allows to conduct research (measurement) of the following factors of the production environment and labor process:

* Microclimate (temperature, relative humidity, air velocity).

* Illumination (illumination of the working surface, daylight factor, brightness, pulsation coefficient of illumination).

* Speckle.

* Infrasound.

* Ultrasound air.

* Vibration common and local.

* Electromagnetic fields of industrial frequency (50 Hertz).

* Electromagnetic radiation of radio frequency range.

* Electrostatic field.

* Permanent magnetic (hypogeomagnetic) field.

* Infrared radiation.

* Ultraviolet radiation.

* Laser radiation.

* The severity of the labor process.

* The intensity of the labor process.

* Sampling of chemicals and strongly fibrogenic aerosols in the air of the working area for testing in the testing laboratory.

The following equipment is used for research (measurements):


Measuring instrument of microclimate parameters "Meteoscope";

- Combined device "TKA-PKM (24)" meter TNS - index;

- Radiometer thermal radiation IR - meter, designed to measure the energy luminosity of objects;

- Illuminometer-Brightnessmeter-Pulsemeter "Ecolight" (model 01) - a device for measuring illumination in the visible region of the spectrum, brightness using the overlapping method of self-luminous extended objects, the ripple coefficient of light emission sources in the range of 380 - 760 nm;

- Light meter "TKA-Lux" - a device designed to measure the illumination created by various sources, arbitrarily spatially located, in lx;

- Sound meter - spectrum analyzer, vibrometer portable "Octave - 110A";

- Vibro calibrator AT01m;

- Acoustic calibrator 1st class PROTECTION - K;

- Electrostatic field strength meter - “IESP-7”;

- Laser rangefinder "Mettro Condtrol 100 Pro";

- Rolling dynamometer  DS-200 (DS-500), designed to determine the strength and static endurance of the muscles - the extensors of the human body in order to determine their condition and physical capabilities;

- Goniometer with a nonius, the device is designed to measure angles from 0 ° to 180 °;

-  Measuring magnetic antenna P6-70;

- Measuring electric antenna P6-71;

- Pedometer - electronic ergometer;

- Field strength meter compact IPM-101M microprocessor;

- Three-component small-size magnetometer MTM-01;

- Laser dosimeter LD-07;

- UV - TKA-PKM radiometer (12) - the device is designed to measure the energy illuminance in the spectral region (200 - 280) nm - UV-C, (280 - 315) nm - UV-B, (315 - 400) nm - UV -BUT;

- Measuring the field strength of industrial frequency PZ - 50;

- Aspirator PU - 4E is designed for sampling and measurement of air samples;

- Aspirator low-consumption Breeze-2 is designed for air sampling

- The manual pump - - NP-3M sampler, is intended for sucking the dosed volume of the gas mixture through the means of monitoring the gas medium, used in conjunction with the pump;

- Gas analyzer KOLION-1B-02 serves to measure the concentration of harmful substances in the air;

The main activities of the department are:

1.Conducting a special assessment of the working conditions of the occupational safety management system in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of December 28, 2013 N 426-ФЗ “On Special Assessment of Working Conditions”.

2. Conducting production control over the observance of sanitary regulations and the implementation of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures according to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of March 30, 1999 N 52-FL "On the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population."

3. Confirmation of compliance of indicators of environmental factors, the production environment and the labor process with the requirements of hygienic standards and other regulatory documents at the request of individuals and legal entities.

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