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Department of Molecular Studies

The Department of Molecular Studies is a structural subdivision of the Moscow Testing Laboratory of the Central Scientific-Methodical Veterinary Laboratory. The department has a license for the right to work with microorganisms of the II-IV pathogenicity groups and operates in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation "On Veterinary Medicine", veterinary and sanitary requirements, the Charter of the laboratory, GOST, regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation

The department conducts laboratory studies on infectious diseases of all types of animals, birds, fish, including especially dangerous diseases common to animals and humans as part of the implementation of the state assignment plan, epizootological monitoring conducted in the territory of the Russian Federation and the provision of paid services.

The main activities of the department:

- diagnostic studies on the detection of genetic materials of various pathogens of infectious diseases by PCR.

- diagnostic studies for the presence of GMOs in food, feed, feed additives by PCR.

- species identification of animal, poultry and fish DNA in food products by PCR.

The department employs experienced highly qualified specialists who have the appropriate education and regularly undergo refresher courses in research institutes, laboratories in Russia and EU countries. The competence of the specialists of the department is annually confirmed during the interlaboratory comparative tests, the providers of which are: FSBI ARRIAH, FAPAS.

Head of Department - Devrishova Zelikha Sultanovna

Education: higher vocational

Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology. K.I. Scriabin in 2012

Specialty and qualifications in diploma: Biologist-ecologist

Specialty and qualifications in professional retraining diploma: Virology, Ryazan State Agrotechnological University. P.A. Kostycheva 2017

Work experience in the FSBI CNMVL 6 years.

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