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Medium making department

Head of Department: Kolganova Raisa Vladimirovna

Date of birth: 9.08.1973

Education: higher ; graduated from Russian State Agrarian Extramural University.

Qualification by education: livestock engineer


Nutrient media without exaggeration can be considered one of the main components of microbiological research. Modern microbiology cannot exist without nutrient media, and their quality largely determines the information content and accuracy of microbiological analysis. The correct selection of the composition of the medium provides the possibility of isolating microorganisms, obtaining pure cultures, studying their morphological and physiological features, identifying, promotes rapid and correct diagnosis of infectious diseases.

The nutrient preparation department produces more than 8,000 liters of nutrient media annually for 145 items.

The department prepares the environment in compliance with GOST and international standards (ISO).

In the nutrient preparation department of the Tula testing laboratory there is a highly qualified staff who regularly undergo internships and training.

In the preparation of media using the most modern equipment. Used among the world's leading manufacturers MERCK, Himedia, Sifin.

Work perfomed :

1. Making:

  • Basic culture media
  • Traffic media and buffer systems
  • Nutrient media for enterobacteria
  • Nutrient media for anaerobic bacteria
  • Nutrient media for mushrooms
  • Nutrient media for determining the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics
  • Nutrient media for the determination of microbiological purity and other nutrient media.

2. Sterilization: nutrient media and solutions, laboratory glassware, instruments.

3. Control of nutrient media at each stage of work.

Competent qualified staff, modern technology, certified equipment - all this is a guarantee of high quality production.


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