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Department of Serology and Leptospirosis

Head of Department - Nurlygayanova Gulnara Akhmetovna

Education: higher vocational

Graduated: Stavropol Order of the Red Banner of Labor Agricultural Institute - 1990

Qualifications: Veterinarian, Candidate of Veterinary Science

State awards and honorary titles: Diploma of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The department’s activities are aimed at ensuring timely and reliable serological diagnosis of infectious animal diseases.

The department conducts diagnostic serological studies of blood serum from various animal species using the methods of Agglutination assay, Bordet-Gengou test, Immunodiffusion reaction, Diffuse precipitation reaction, Rose bengal sample, Indirect hemagglutination test, Microagglutination test, ELISA for viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases, including brucellosis, listeriosis, chlamydial infections, infectious epididymitis of rams , glanders, equine horse disease (trypanosomiasis), paratuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, bluetongue, leptospirosis, anaplasmosis, smoking, fever, nutuliasis (piroplasmidosis), and also urine microscopy for leptospirosis.

The department is equipped with modern equipment. Highly sensitive and specific test systems and diagnostic kits are used, allowing to conduct research with a high degree of accuracy and in the shortest possible time. At each stage of research, intra-laboratory quality control is carried out.

Specialists of the department master and introduce the newly developed diagnostic kits and research methods into the practice of Russian veterinary laboratories, participate in conducting advanced training courses and individual internships for veterinarians, in preparing samples for interlaboratory comparative tests.

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