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Department of Veterinary Sanitary Expertise

Head of the department: Gorlova Nadezhda Anatolevna

Graduated: FSEI HPE Novosibirsk State Agrarian University - 2007.

Qualification: Veterinarian

The main functions of the department are:

- conducting microbiological and parasitological studies of food products of plant and animal origin, food raw materials, water

- preparation of samples for research, primary seeding and reseeding on nutrient media, preparation and staining of drugs.

- sample preparation and preparation of parasitological preparations for microscopy.

- disinfection of waste material, disinfection of instruments, laboratory glassware.

 One of the main tasks of the department is to observe the principles of impartiality and to ensure the confidentiality of information about samples .

Conducting laboratory tests of food products of animal and vegetable origin on quality and safety according to organoleptic, microbiological indicators, including parasitic purity in fish and fish products, in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Specialists of the department participate in seminars, internships, and advanced training courses for veterinary specialists on issues of veterinary and sanitary examination.

In recent years, new areas of research have been mastered. Along with the classical methods of isolating microorganisms, rapid tests allow for additional differential diagnosis. Rapid tests are designed to identify the most important for the human pathology family of enterobacteria within 24 hours.

Other innovative methods are also used, such as rapid immunochromatographic tests.

The main advantages of these tests (in comparison with the classical method) are time gain (up to 2 days) and high specificity even when analyzing pathogens in a mixed culture.

The department uses modern developments in its work. One of these is the MiniVidas automatic analyzer, which has proven itself in the field of detection of pathogenic microorganisms. Research time is reduced, the duration of the test is 45 minutes, the result can be obtained for 2-3 days, depending on the method chosen.

The department is provided with the necessary equipment, measuring instruments, diagnostic sera, nutrient media, chemicals and dyes. The measuring instruments used in the work are timely verified, laboratory equipment is certified.

Contact phone: 8 (383) 231-13-50

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