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Land Relations

The most popular fareas currently being developed in the land department include the following:

  • issuing conclusions about the quality and sanitary condition of the soil plots. Read more...

application for a conclusion on the qualitative condition of the land

application research and conclusion

application for selection, research and conclusion

Agreement on the qualitative and sanitary state of the soil

  • Examination in connection with overgrowing of  trees land plots, shrubs and weeds and grassy vegetation. Read more...

application for issuance of an opinion on the determination of the land non-used period 

Agreement on the conclusion of the term of the land non-use  for the intended purpose

  • development of recommendations for carrying out activities aimed at the reproduction of fertility of agricultural lands Read more...

Application of recommendations for carrying out activities on the reproduction of fertility

Agreement on recommendations for conducting activities aimed at the reproduction of fertility of agricultural lands

  • development of land fertility passports 

application for the development of a fertility passport 

Agreement on the passport of fertility of land

  • land survey (sampling) in accordance with State Standards Read more...

application for sampling and research

General requirements for sampling GOST

Methods of sampling and sample preparation for chemical, bacteriological, helminthological analysis GOST

Soil sampling for agrochemical analysis GOST 28168-89

Laboratory research contract 

  • development of projects for the restoration of disturbed agricultural lands  Read more...

Application for the development of a land reclamation plan

Reclamation contract

  • calculation of the size of harm, determination of damages, including the loss of profits of the land user Read more...

Application for the calculation of the damages

The contract for the calculation of the damage caused to the soil as an object of the land environmental protection

  • assessment of the degree of soil degradation of land plots - a characteristic of their condition, reflecting the deterioration of the quality of their composition and properties Read more...

application for determining the degree of degradation

Agreement on determining the extent of soil degradation on land

  • calculation of limits for fertilizer application, recommendations for fertilizer application Read more...

limit calculation application

Agreement on the calculation of limits for fertilizer application


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